Collecting information at the time it is generated by the people with direct knowledge improves information accuracy and client satisfaction. Examples like electronically signing for items at a retailer or for UPS deliveries highlight the benefits of collecting data at the point of delivery. In healthcare we see the increased demand by physicians and caregivers for pertinent information when they are interacting with their patients.


  • MedTrack (TRE)
  • iPad support for the Anti-Diversion Agreements

We have helped clients deliver information to their mobile staff on laptops, tablets, and phones since 2005. Depending upon the platform and the data to be gathered there are several items to consider. The amount of time to complete a form or questionnaire will impact platform selection. The consistency of a platform will also be an important consideration (i.e., target Android, iOS, Microsoft). Complexity of the desired process will determine if you can support remote clients with a web application or a native application. Lastly the system that will be deployed to a mobile environment needs to be analyzed. System security and data security are important factors. Compliance and risk management are growing concerns with the wider distribution of information.

We have developed custom mobile software and adapted internal systems for deployment onto a mobile client. Many internal systems will have a mobile client available to them as larger software firms are aware of the mobile trend and continue to drive it.

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